The Will Group commenced trading in February 1991 and within 18 months had commenced the expansion of our Will and Probate services throughout the UK having 23 regional licence offices.
We specialized and therefore was able to offer a professional and in-expensive service to local clients wherever they lived.

We were one of the first firms to offer a service whereby, we went directly to the clients home rather than the client having to take time off work to visit a solicitors office.. This service proved invaluable to the elderly and sick.

After 25 years service we are still here and thriving. We like to keep in touch with our clients by sending them an annual letter which updates them of legal changes that may effect their own Will

We offer a National Document Storage facility for a small annual fee which allows a client to update and redraft the Will they have stored with us FREE of CHARGE once per year.

Phone: 01279 600003