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Are you like most people and keep important and sometimes irreplaceable documents in your home? Can you imagine the problems should they be mislaid, lost due to fire, or if you had a burglary and those documents were taken. Or have you taken the other course of action and spread everything about leaving the deeds of your house with the building society, your Will with the bank and then placed the insurance policies in a tin box under the bed. Apart from keeping important documents together for security reasons, you would be helping your family or solicitors, who frequently experience problem s when administering an estate, to know what documents do exist, should the unforeseen happen.

Are you aware of the alternatives to this, fingers crossed, haphazard existence? For a small annual fee Locate Document Storage Limited offers a national facility whereby, all your documents can be stored together, in a personal security box and held within a high security storage vault. You can retrieve one or all of your documents whenever you wish, by using the Free, 48 hour Retrieval Service that operates throughout England and Wales.

Level 1:
Personal storage suitable for:-
Small number of documents.

Level 2:
Family storage suitable for:-
House/property deeds and papers, Pension/insurance policies, Private letters, Correspondence, Certificates, Diplomas, Awards.

Level 3:
Business Storage suitable for:-
Accounts/PAYE records, computer printouts, disks, sales/purchase ledgers.


Client Storage Box Facilities

Your annual storage box fee is FIXED for LIFE thereby taking away the worry of further expense as you get older. And you can increase your storage facility at any time from Level 1 “Will Storage” to Level 2 ”Family Storage” or even “Business Storage”.

Retrieve any document FREE of CHARGE by telephoning the Central Administration Office quoting your personal ID number, we will return any document within 24 hours. All client documents are fully insured and covered for loss or damage through the group’s professional indemnity insurance.

Update your Will FREE of CHARGE every year. If we have drafted a Will for you and hold it in storage, we will amend it for you without charge. When your signed master Will is deposited into storage, a duplicate copy is given to you to keep at home for reference. You will then receive an annual letter from our Central Administration Office asking you to read through your duplicate copy to see if it still reflects your wishes. If changes are required, we will ask you to make the alterations to it and post it back to us for redrafting. You will then receive a new master Will for signing and returning, and another duplicate copy for you to retain for another year. Never again should you have an out of date Will.




Does your family know what documents you have or where they can be found should the unforeseen happen.


National Document Storage

Keeping all your important and often irreplaceable documents safe and secure and all in one place.

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