Free home visits made daytime or evenings. Fixed fees are charged for Single or Husband & Wife (partner) Wills.

Things to Remember When Preparing For Our Visit

It is very helpful if you can make the following preparations prior to our visit:

  1. Think about the property that forms your estate such as Shares – Premium Bonds – Houses – Pension Rights – Insurance Policies and so on. Make out a list if you feel it will help.
  1. Think about family heirlooms – no matter how trivial (Wedding rings, Christening gowns and the like) which you might want to pass down to later generations of the side of the family from which they came.
  1. List the exact names and addresses of any person to be included in your Will.
  1. List documents that you wish to be recorded – Insurance Policies or Pension etc.,
  1. List any questions that come to your mind about your own Will or –if you like – about any other family estate matters.
  1. Decide who – if anyone – should receive specific sums of money from your estate.
  1. Decide how the remainder of your estate should be deal with – ie., to your husband, wife, children etc.
  1. Decide what should happen if someone that you intend to leave part of your estate to dies before you.
  1. Decide what instructions you have concerning your funeral.


This is all you need to do.

If for some reason you do not wish to use our Will writing service, we recommend you make similar arrangements with a solicitor without delay.

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